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Projects financed in European Union's Sixth Framework Programme

Project STREP

Project STREP, acronym NORMOLIFE entitled: "Development of New Therapeutic Substances and Strategies for Treatment of Pain In Patients with advanced stages of Cancer" is realized by teams of scientists from six European countries (Poland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Greece). The Project is coordinated by Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.
The project has been started in December 2006. The period of the realization is 36 months.

The responsible person for the project from ICRI is Dr. Wiesława Walisiewicz Niedbalska, Chem.Eng.


Industrial Chemistry Research Institute is one of partners of the European 6th Framework Project STREP Grant LSHC-CT-2006-037733 Normolife - "Development of new therapeutic substances and strategies for treatment of pain in patients with advanced stages of cancer"
Detailed information concerning Normolife are available at the website:

Main goal of the Normolife project is to develop new analgesic medicines for treatment of cancer pain. To accomplish this project an international consortium of chemists, pharmacologists and biologists has been created. Most of the studies will concentrate on basic research on development of new molecules. This, preliminary part will be accomplished by small scale synthesis of the new compounds. However, the result of this preliminary study should be finalized in proposition of selected molecular candidates for further in vivo animal and prospectively, human studies. The Industrial Chemistry Research Institute has expertise in development of chemical and biotechnological large scale laboratory and technological processes. Therefore, its role in Normolife project is to develop large scale synthesis and purification of the selected compounds. The scientific group established specially for Normolife project is headed by Dr. Wieslawa Walisiewicz-Niedbalska.

Realization time: 2006 - 2009.

Contact person:

Dr. Walisiewicz-Niedbalska

phone +48 (22) 568 22 45

Project PR6 UE NanoGLOWA

Project PR6 UE NanoGLOWA (contract IP 026735-2) "NanoMembranes against Global Warming", co-ordinator Paul Raats (KEMA Nederland BV Holland). ICRI participants: Doc. Dr. Włodzimierz Ratajczak, Chem.Eng., Tadeusz Porębski, M.Sc., Chem.Eng., Adam Koprowski, M.Sc., Wiesław Capała, M.Sc., Chem.Eng., Sławomir Tomzik, M.Sc., Chem.Eng. The Project realization: 01.12.2006 - 30.11.2011.