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Projects financed in European Union's Fifth Framework Programme



Centre of Competence for Advanced Polymeric Materials of Industrial Importance
The strategic aim of the Centre activities was to constitute an interface between basic research and applied industrial research oriented to high-tech application what will facilitate integration with European Research Area. The formation of the bridge between science and industry will be achieved through the development of applied research programmes in collaboration with industry, universities and R&D centres dealing with advanced polymeric materials in Poland and abroad.
To strengthen the impact of the Centre on the technological growth and improve the capability of the Centre to join the European Research Area, it was necessary to intensify its educational and industry/users-oriented activities, including:
  • dissemination of the information to the society on the role of polymeric materials in the sustainable technological development

  • promotion of the transfer of polymeric materials technologies to the industry

  • development of high-tech application markets through training courses organised for end-users of RTD results

  • increasing the attractiveness of the Centre to young scientists through organisation of training programmes addressing the most interesting areas of research

  • consolidation of the existing networks between R&D centres and formation of new links in order to better integrate Polish science and technology in the field of new polymeric materials with the European Research Area (specifically through study visits and training).

The project realization 16.09.2004 - 31.12.2005.

5 PR-UE5 PR-UE nr G1MA-CT-2002-0464

Project 5 PR-UE nr G1MA-CT-2002-0464 entitled: "Material Recycling Centre of Excellence" was co-ordinated by Marek Kozłowski, D.Sc.,Chem.Eng. from Technical University ( Wrocław) - cooperation with scientific centres belonging to the Centre of Competence for Materials Recycling. The period of the realisation was: 01.01.2003 - 01.02.2006. The responsible person for the project from ICRI was Dr. Regina Jeziórska, Chem. Eng.

Project REACT

Project REACT entitled: "Reuse of Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics by Selective Shredding and Reactivating Recyclate" was realised in programme CRAFT ( FP UE). The aim of the project was to develop a feasible method of recycling of production and end-of-life waste from glass and carbon fibre reinforced composites. The project is carried out by a consortium of two RTD partners (ICRI and KEMA Nederland BV from Holland) and seven SME partners from Holland, Germany, Great Britain and Poland. The role of ICRI was to develop the methods of chemical modification of recyclate surface. Project was co-ordinated by HEBO Engineering BV from Holland.
The project realisation 01.02.2003 - 31.01.2005.
Person responsible for this project in ICRI - Dr. Michał Kędzierski.

Project AG-COAT

Project AG-COAT titled: "Development of new antigraffiti coatings with improved properties AG-COAT" was realised in programme CRAFT, supported development of small and medium enterprises (SME). ICRI was one of three scientific centres in this project leading studies for SME in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The coordinating institution is Landecolor (Spain).
The project realization 17.05.2002 - 30.04.2004.
Person responsible for this project in ICRI - Dr. Maria Zielecka.

Project LOTEC

Project LOTEC titled: "Synthesis of epoxypolyesters as binders for UV curable coatings" was realised in project "New approaches to low-temperature curable coatings for powder and decorative applications". ICRI was one of ten research centres in this project. The coordinating institution was The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (Holland).
The Project realization 01.10.2002 - 30.04.2004.
Person responsible for this project in ICRI - Dr. Zbigniew Bończa-Tomaszewski.