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Quality Assurance Board

Dr. Paweł Kikolski
tel. +48 (22) 568 22 92, faks +48 (22) 568 20 49


Anna Bolińska, M.Sc.

tel. +48 (22) 568 26 14, +48 (22) 568 20 50, faks +48 (22) 568 20 49

The Quality Assurance Board has been established by the Director in order to organize, manage, and maintain the quality assurance system in the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute. The quality policy of the Institute is based on delivering reliable and competitive services using modern scientific techniques and by means of the latest generation of scientific equipment. Constant improvement of the procedures, prompt and precise order processing, staying side-independent, reliability, and confidentiality, underlie the confidence of the client and enable the business to keep up with his high expectations.

The main objective of the Quality Assurance Board is to coordinate the activities of the Institute related to the quality system, namely:

  • initiation and coordination of the activities, including internal and external audits, related to the introduction and maintenance of the quality assurance system in the Institute, as well as general quality system book keeping,

  • quality assurance courses, seminars, symposia, and conferences organization in the Institute,

  • representation of the Institute in the Polish Laboratories Club POLLAB, cooperation with international organizations involved in quality assurance and assessment.

The Quality Assurance Board:

  • administers the quality assurance system in the Institute,

  • coordinates activities within the framework of the quality assurance system,

  • solves problems in the functioning of the quality assurance system,

  • represents the Institute in the matters of quality assurance,

  • works closely with the Director's Board of the Institute to implement the quality policy,

  • works closely with the Department leaders, leader technicians, quality specialists in the Departments involved in the quality system, and with the leaders of other groups involved in the quality assurance system,

  • manages the general part of the Quality Book, maintains a register of the changes to the Book,

  • initiates the creation, consultation, approval, update, prolongation, wide distribution, and withdrawal of the general quality system procedures and general instructions, approves alternative procedures,

  • prepares audit schedules, picks up the audit leader,

  • fixes the deadlines and defines the scopes of the external audits, prepares the list of auditors, prepares the external audit in the Institute, contacts the clients in the matter of the audit, organizes the opening and the final meeting, prepares the schedule of the necessary corrections to the quality system in the Institute,

  • prepares the programs of the quality system checking, prepares the list of commission members, signs the correcting actions protocol,

  • assesses and approves the calls for quality assurance courses, updates the course appointments.

The quality policy aims at assuring the high quality of conducted research and services and at gaining the confidence of the clients through improvement of the accuracy of the results, shortening the order processing time, and by convincing the client that the introduced quality system works and guarantees his satisfaction. We reach those aims by constant improvement of the work procedures and the use of modern scientific techniques.