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Ministry of Republic of Poland

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Ministry of Development

Ministry of Energy

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Ministry of National Defence

Ministry of National Education

Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Ministry of Sport and Tourism

Ministry of the Interior and Administration

Ministry of Treasury

Other Institutions, Organizations and Associations

Agricultural and Food Quality Inspection

Bureau for Chemical Substances

Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute

Central Office of Measures

Central Statistical Office of Poland

Centre for Research and Environmental Control

Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection

Chief Inspectorate for Road Transport

Chief Labour Inspectorate

Chief Sanitary Inspectorate

Chief Veterinary Inspectorate

Civil Aviation Authority

Cleaning Supplies

Energy Regulatory Office

Enterprise Europe Network

EUROPA – Official website of the European Union

European Chemicals Agency

Food and Nutrition Institute

General Office of Construction Supervision

Polish Steel Association

IGMNiR Economic Chamber of Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling

Industrial Chemistry Research Institute

Inorganic Chemistry Division in Gliwice

Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas

Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute

Institute of Environmental Sciences

Institute of Forensic Research

Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis "Blachownia”

Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry

Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health

IPPC - service of Ministry of Environment (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)

KSU - The National System of Services for Small and Medium Enterprises

Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate

Military Institute of Aviation Medicine

Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology

National Centre for Information CLP Helpdesk

National Centre for Information REACH Helpdesk

National Centre for Nuclear Research

National Health Fund

National Institute of Public Health, National Institute of Hygiene

National Veterinary Research Institute

Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine

Office for Railway Transport

Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

Office of Rail Transport

Patent Office of Republic of Poland

PlasticsEurope Association of Plastics Manufacturers

Polish Academy of Sciences

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

Polish Association of Industrial Hygienists

Polish Association of Manufacturers of Cosmetics and Home Care

Polish Association of Private Employers of Cosmetics Industry

Polish Cement Association

Polish Centre for Accreditation

Polish Centre for Testing and Certification

Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry

Polish Committee for Standardization

Polish Customs Service

Polish Glass Manufacturers Federation

Polish Institute of International Affairs

Polish Lime Association

Polish National Bank

Polish National Police

Polish Union of Plastics Converters PUPC

President of Republic of Poland

RCL Government Legislation Centre

Senate of the Republic of Poland

Supreme Audit Office

The Association for Cosmetics and The Association of Polish Papermakers

The Constitutional Court

The National Centre for Research and Development

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

The National Headquarters of the State Fire Service

The National Institute of Public Health

The National Medicines Institute

The Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products

The Office of Electronic Communications

The Polish Union of Cosmetics Industry

The Public Procurement Office

The State Committee for Scientific Research

The State Mining Authority

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

UDT - Technical Inspection Authority