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Real life scale and laboratory scale testing of non-food market products, including consumer panel tests

  • laundry products: evaluation of primary and secondary detergency washing performance, incrustation, loss in tensile strength, fabric greying and yellowing, fabric shrinkage, dye transfer, fabric whiteness, fabric softening effect;
  • liquid dishwashing agents: evaluation of washing performance by the IKW test, determination of fat emulsification power;
  • toilet cleaning agents: evaluation of lime scale dissolution power;
  • scouring milks and powders: evaluation of cleaning performance and surface damage;
  • oxygen and chlorine bleaches: determination of stain removal power, fiber damage, color maintenance and fabric yellowing;
  • fabric softeners: evaluation of softening effect, change in fabric whiteness and fabric rewetting power;
  • window cleaners: evaluation of cleaning power, dry matter and alcohol content;
  • shampoos: determination of foaming power by Ross Miles method;
  • product quality evaluation tests including consumer tests of household chemistry consumer chemicals, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, candles, cemetery candles and other domestic use products in panel groups;
  • evaluation of activated sludge respiration inhibition by raw materials and final products;
  • selected analytical and physicochemical tests of raw materials and final products.


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