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Unconventional Chemical Processes

Research areas

  • Strategies of technology and industrial processes development
  • Biorefinery and second generation biofuels
  • Application of modern reaction intensification techniques (microwaves, ultrasounds, mechanochemistry) to chemical processes
  • Catalytic systems for enantioselective reduction of unsaturated organic compounds
  • Microwave systems used for process modern materials
  • Synthesis and physicochemical analysis of heterogeneous catalysts
  • Oxide and layered mineral systems used as polymer-modifying fillers
  • Scaled-up catalytic decomposition of methanol to syngas and its application in the transformation of waste oils, fats and plastic materials
  • Etherification and functionalization of multihydroxy compounds.

Methodology and research equipment/appliances

  • Ultrasonic reactors for homogenization of systems and providing mechanochemical aid to catalytic processes: Bandelin (Sonopuls HD 2070), ELAC Nautik (URS 1000), Intersonic (IS-1K, flow system, bioreactor compatible with ROTH Autoclave „0” i „I”), Ultron
  • Microwave reactors providing mechanochemical aid to catalytic processes (Ertec-Magnum and flow system, Plazmatronika RM1000, CEM Discover II with Coolmate and camera)
  • ChemBet 3000 TPR/ TPD /TPO from Quantachrome Instruments coupled with MS Prisma PLUS 200 for Temperature-Programmed Reduction, Desorption (ammonia), Oxidation and the analysis of exit gases
  • Tristar II 3010 for surface area and porosimetry analysis
  • PK-6/1350 muffle furnace with equipment
  • Press (pelletizer)
  • Gas chromatographs: Shimadzu GC 17A (GC-FID), GC 2010 (GC-FID with AOC-20i), HP6890 (GC-FID/AED), HP 5890-II PLUS GC-5989 MS Engine with HP-1, HP-5, Carbowax, FFAP, Innovax columns
  • Polarimeter AP 100 Atago
  • pH meter Metler-Toledo SevenEasy with elecrodes
  • CC-551 conductometer
  • Julabo refrigerated circulators and coolers: FLW4003, F33ME, F32ME, FP50, CF40
  • Liophilizer Christ LMC-1 Gamma 2-20 with FOC-1 K50
  • Laboratory installation for ketene production
  • Scaled-up laboratory installation for second generation biofuel production in the catalytic conversion of waste fat and used cooking oil.


Prof. Jacek Kijeński, D. Sc., Chem. Eng.

phone +48 22 568 22 13
phone/fax +48 22 568 22 33

Ph. D. Antoni Migdał, Chem. Eng.
phone +48 22 568 23 62
phone/fax +48 22 568 22 33

Ph. D. Osazuwa Osawaru, Chem. Eng.
phone +48 22 568 22 34,
+48 22 568 27 04

Ph. D. Ewa Śmigiera, Chem. Eng.
phone +48 22 568 27 66